High Speed Internet


Be aware of phishing scams asking you to participate in surveys online. Missouricom New Florence does not support that sort of marketing. We always notify customers in advance before asking them to participate in a company survey. Anything we do will be tagged with our company logo and personal company information. If in doubt, please contact our office for verification before proceeding.


Choose Missouricom New Florence for the most reliable high-speed connection in New Florence, without any hidden charges or surprise fees. Our network is backed by Fiber Optic Cable and every line is a secure, dedicated, connection to your home (not shared like the cable company), so you can enjoy more consistent speeds. Basic phone line is required for internet services.

Why choose Missouricom New Florence High-Speed Internet?

  • Better service from a local company.
  • Free DSL installation with 1-year commitment.
  • Wireless Router Modem available to lease. (Includes technical support)
  • The most reliable connection.
  • Backed by Fiber Optic Cable.
  • No bandwidth sharing.
  • No slowing during peak hours.
  • Best value internet available anywhere.
  • $99 DSL installation fee, no contract.
  • Higher speeds available, contact office.

Broadband Residential DSL Packages (All speeds are up to)

3/1 mb

$ 29.95/month (where available)

10/1 mb

$ 39.95/month (where available)

16/1 mb

$ 49.95/month (where available)

25/5 mb

$69.95/month VDSL (where available)


50/10 mb –

$79.95/month VDSL (where available)


Internet Security and Computer Back-Up

Families love Missouricom New Florence, because we work hard to protect you and provide you with a better, safer online experience.

We are confident once you try our product, backed by our reliable, friendly, local customer support, you will stay with Missouricom for life.

If you are looking for better treatment from your internet service provider, try Missouricom New Florence.

Effective February 1st 2016

Missouricom will no longer host email accounts for NEW customers.

Call 844-384-MCOM (6266) to go faster today.

DSL Installation is now FREE if you sign a 1-year commitment.

If you do not wish to sign a 1-year commitment, installation will be $99.

*DSL availablity and speed varies according to distance from central office. Call for availability.

DSL service requires a DSL modem which may be leased for $4.95 a month.

VDSL service requires a VDSL modem which may be leased for $6.95 a month.

BONDED VDSL service requires a modem which may be lease for $8.95 a month.


Contact the Missouricom New Florence Business Office for more details or to order MIssouricom New Florence-DSL today. (Missouricom New Florence-DSL may not be available in all areas or a waiting list may apply based on demand.) *Personal web pages are for non-commercial, not-for-profit activity. For an additional cost an account can be upgraded to commercial status.

It is general policy that the Internet network is to be used in a responsible, legal, decent and efficient manner.  Misuse of  Missouricom New Florence Internet Service and/or Missouricom New Florence-DSL may result in cancellation of your service.  Please read our Terms of Service Agreement on this web site.